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3755 Auto Level, Tokyosokki Model. 0L2, 27 power, stadia hairs, steel case.
5/8" X 11 threads Good  Condition and works very well.   PHOTO   $300.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00
3930 Auto Level, Geotec, model AL-21,  with case.
SOLD . 5/8" X 11 threads    PHOTO     $300.00
3987 Auto Level, Schneider, model SM-2, no case needs work ,
5/8' X 11 threads  sold as is.    PHOTO    $100.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00
3991 Auto Level, Hilger Watts, Model SL60-2 Autoset, with metal case. 
High order level. 32 power erect image,1.562" aperture, 1 20' field of view,
  20 minute range of compensator, 8 minute bulls eye level, 6 ft. short focus
  1:100 ratio stadia,.02 ft. per mile average accuracy, average closing error per
   mile of .004 feet is attainable. Uses standard 5/8" X 11 thread tripods.
  Best to use with wide frame extension leg wood tripods. Ca.1970.
4011 Auto Level, Lietz, Model AL-2, with lens cap, sun shade and 
  steel case. 5/8" X 11 threads   PHOTO     PHOTO   PHOTO  PHOTO  $300.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00
Leather strap broken. excellent condition, Calibrated ready for use.