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2505 Tripod, Make Unknown,, non-magnetic, for compasses, " X 20 threads per inch
  Twist lock extension legs (with reversible points) extend from 32" to 59"
  Excellent condition   PHOTO   PHOTO   $100.00
2518 Tripod, W. & L. E. Gurley, compass tripod, mahogany stiff legs 30 high
SOLD .980" X 32 threads per inch. Probably made for mining, legs have not been cut down
  excellent condition    PHOTO    PHOTO  $300.00
2519 Tripod,  Keuffel & Esser, maple stiff leg compass tripod 51" high
SOLD 1.174 X 20 threads per inch, converted from sketching table tripod
  In excellent condition  PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
2521 Tripod,  Keuffel & Esser, Sketching Table tripod, maple stiff leg compass tripod 51" high
SOLD no table connection, it will make a great compass tripod, Excellent ++ condition
   PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
2522 Tripod, Dietzgen, maple  stiff leg, Sketching Table tripod 51" high
  Key hole type connection to table, it will make a great compass tripod, Excellent ++ condition
  PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
2548 Ball and socket, make unknown, for Compass with Clinometer or similar.
  25/64 X 18 thread, or metric 10mm X 1.25 Excellent   PHOTO       $100.00
2549 Ball and socket, make unknown, for Compass, odd construction, early style.
SOLD tapered post from .321 inches diameter to .300 diameter in .586 inches of length.
   Excellent   PHOTO       $100.00
2550 compass ball and socket accessories, one lot of items, probably by Keuffel & Esser,
SOLD All tapers are standard K&E " to the foot tapers. All are of Brass.
   PHOTO    PHOTO  $200.00 for the lot. NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00
                    Lot consists of the following items.  All are in Excellent ++ Condition
  Two - 12 inch long extensions threaded both ends " X 20 thread.
  One - female threaded " X 20  tapered spindle 13 3/8 inches long with " X 24 thread.
  One - 14 inch long extension with tapered socket on one end and .532 post on the other end.
  One - 6 inch long extension threaded both ends " X 20 thread.
  One - 11 inch long tapered spindle one end and " X 20 thread on the other end.
  One - tapered spindle with " X 24 thread on one end and with " X 20 thread on the other end
  One - tapered socket with " X 24 thread.
  One - extension disk (not in photo) inch long X 1 inch diameter with " X 24 female thread
            on one end and " X 20 male thread on the other end.
2607 Ball and Socket, Keuffel & Esser, model 5368J Special Ball Joint and Socket for
  Mounting Pocket transit model 5368-1 or 5368-2. The Ball joint and socket without
  the Pocket transit mount is a model 5348-2F and has " X 24 threads per inch
  and can be used with the Keuffel & Esser Forester's and Geologist's compass
  model 5340, or K&E Hand Transit or other instruments and compasses with the
  same thread. Near new condition.  PHOTO     PHOTO     $150.00
2610 Ball and threaded base for Brunton Pocket Transit, maybe by Brunton, not marked.
SOLD Threaded " X 20 threads per inch. Used, excellent condition.  PHOTO  $125.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00  
3768 Compass, for plane table,  needle length 4 inches, base size 1 inch X 6 inches.
. PHOTO   $50.00
3965 Compass, Keuffel & Esser, Model Declinator, made for Bureau of Aircraft Production, USA
SOLD only made from 1917 to 1919, Same as sketching table compass, but mounted to another
  brass plate that is 6 inches long. New in box   PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO $120.00 Now on special $75.00
3968 Compass Leveling Head, Gurley, 4 screw, for use with 4" needle plane and vernier compasses.
SOLD  A exact reproduction of ca. 1880 style. The thread size is 1.25 X 18 threads per inch.
  The actual diameter of the threads is less .007 so it should fit any original cap and or tripod
   but due to Gurley threads not always exact I can not guarantee fit.  PHOTO  $500.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $300.00
. But it is beautiful after all I made it 20 years ago copied from a original.