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Examples of some of my parts supply

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Photos are for reference only and do not reflect actual inventory.

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                                              Shop Photos

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Some photos of my work
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                                            Various  Instruments

Photos are for reference only

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           Buff & Buff, Boston           
  18" Wye Level Circa. 1920               
Total  professional restoration    


This is a very rare Keuffel & Esser Solar Expedition Transit
The main telescope is only 6" long.




Photos of a 1860's  W. & L. E. Gurley Pantograph Engraving Machine
that was used to engrave compass faces and circles.


Below are 3 of several engraving plates used on the W. & L. E. Gurley Pantograph Engraving Machines




The following link is to photos of knives I have made. RP Knives 

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