Keuffel & Esser Co.

                                                        Extra Fine
                                  Engineer's Expedition Transit
Model number 5079


This transit is the smallest made by Keuffel & Esser, it is commonly referred to as a
Explorer's Transit. It is only 9 inches tall with a 8 inch long erecting image telescope.
This model was normally offered with a 6 inch long telescope with slightly shorter
standards. This type of transit's standards are usually referred to as a Twisted Frame.
It was made in 1903, and is in near new condition. It has a 4 inch diameter one minute
horizontal circle, a 3 inch diameter one minute vertical circle, a 14 power erect image
telescope with 1:100 ratio stadia, a 35 second telescope level vial, a 2 inch long
compass needle. The tripod thread size is 2.265 inches X 16 threads per inch. It has
with it a 2 ounce plumb bob, oil can, spanner screw driver, two adjusting pins, sunshade,
lens cap, right angle eyepiece prism with sun filter, and its mahogany box which measures
11 inches high, 9 1/8 inches wide and 5 5/8 inches deep outside. Sorry it is not for sale.
I know of only six other "Twisted Frame" Expedition Transits by K&E.

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